So, what is a meet and greet? It’s simply a time and place where we can meet before you decide to hire us for your pet care. It is also a time when I can meet your dog. If you are pet boarding or using our dog daycare services, it’s a chance for our dogs to meet. Its also a time for you to view our backyard and home where your pets will be staying.

The meet and greet are important to us because we want you to feel comfortable and have peace of mind when you must leave your fur babies. We would never leave our pets with just anyone, and neither should you. This article will give you a little insight into how we conduct our meet and greets.

If you are using our daycare and boarding services, we will conduct the meet and greet at our home. We want you to bring your dog(s) with you. First, we will meet on our sidewalk, with your dogs so that he/she can get comfortable with me. We will discuss basic commands you use with your dog (sit, stay, off, etc.).

Once your dog is comfortable with me, I will bring one of my dogs out so they can meet on the sidewalk. We do this so they can first meet on neutral territory. I then take my dog back into the house and then bring my other dog out. If that goes well, and there are no issues between the dogs, I will put my other dog back into my house. We then take you and your dog to my fully fenced-in backyard. You are free to unleash your dog and let him/her explore the backyard. All while my dogs are still in the house.

Once your dog gets comfortable, I then bring one of my dogs out so they can play. Once that goes well, and no issues, I will bring my other dog out and let them play in the yard. During this time, we can discuss your dog’s care and routines. Also, feel free to ask any questions you need to ask.

After the dogs had a chance to play and run, I will give you a tour of the house so you can see the environment they are staying in. Feel free to bring your dog in and let him/her explore the house (and play with the four full baskets of toys!).

If that goes well, the meet and greet are essentially over and we can discuss booking dates. We will have ample time to discuss your pet’s feeding schedule and routines. I also have an intake form I can email you to fill out with your pet’s information. We encourage you to ask any questions you feel you need to ask. I want you to feel comfortable with your pet’s stay. I don’t want you to worry about your pet’s stay during your trip. You will have enough to worry about. Also, I will always send updates to you on your pet’s stay. As many updates as you need complete with pictures.