It’s almost summertime and we all know that means anxious dogs. Fireworks, construction, motorcycles—all these things can cause stress in our furry friends. As dog parents, it’s definitely hard to watch them struggle with these fears. Worry not! There are plenty of ways you can help soothe their anxiety and calm your anxious dog.

Music-it’s been said that music calms the soul and it turns out this is true for pooches too. To really keep your pup chill, try playing some classical, smooth jazz, reggae, or folk music from YouTube, or just ask Alexa to put on some doggie calming tunes before you go out for the day. Now bask in your pup’s peace of mind (or party yourself—who says classical is boring?)!

DogTVDogTV is this awesome 24/7 streaming service that’s perfect for soothing your dog and getting them used to the hustle and bustle of daily life. It’s based on so much research about how our four-legged friends see, hear, and experience the world around them – like adjusting brightness, camera angles, and saturation for optimal pooch viewing. Plus, Poe and Finn always give us “paws up” reviews when they watch their favorite shows! Check it out – we always post pictures from their viewings on our Facebook page.

Stashios Southing Saucer– This is the product we love to keep our pups occupied and happy. This saucer-shaped dish comes with a cup that you fill with broth from Stashios— when your pup licks the top, yummy broth goodness will be dispensed for rewarding playtime! Stress and anxiety are no match for this awesome product! Grab one of these saucers at Stashios or Rocko’s Pet Stop.

CBD/Hemp Supplements-We use pawTree products and highly recommend them. For starters, there’s CBD Mega with Broad Spectrum Hemp extract, ginger root, valerian root, and passion flower which helps calm your pup down. It also aids with digestive issues, nausea, and motion sickness; plus, it soothes the occasional ache or discomfort your doggo may have.

On the cheaper end of things is Chillax hemp oil-based product to chill and relax anxious pups – great as an inexpensive alternative when pennies matter! If your pet has both anxiety AND aches or discomforts then go with the tried-and-true CBD Mega. But if your fluffy friend just needs to de-stress, you know what to reach for the Chillax.

Finally, we have the Chillax to the Max CBD Bone. It’s basically a chew toy with CBD-infused goodness! Plus, it’s got tiny holes where you can stuff them full of their favorite tasty treats like creamy cheese, peanut butter, or yogurt. They won’t be able to resist. Don’t worry – this thing is super durable so even the heaviest chewers won’t be able to destroy it.

Got other ways you calm your anxious dog? Give us a shout because we’d love to hear about it. But if you have questions about any of pawTree’s products for keeping your fluffy buddy calm, just hit us up and we’ll talk it through with you.