You have a scheduled dog walk, but when you look outside, you see heavy raindrops, accompanied by thunder and lightning. Your dog is displaying signs of fear and anxiety. However, there is no need for either of you to be out in such bad weather, and I want to assure you that there won’t be any cancellation fees due to bad weather. Let me emphasize this once again: you will not be charged for canceling the dog walk because of bad weather.

Rain is known to cause anxiety in dogs, and it goes against my philosophy of promoting a fear-free environment to subject your dog to any form of anxiety. Even if your dog doesn’t show signs of anxiety, having a wet dog return home is far from ideal.

Thunder, too, can trigger anxiety in dogs. So, even if it’s not raining but there’s thunder, if you believe your dog will be uncomfortable, we will not proceed with the dog walk. Just let us know, and we will accommodate your concerns.

When it comes to lightning, it should go without saying that walks are definitely off the table on such days.

Snow and cold weather are also valid reasons to cancel a walk. Similar to rain, snow will make your dog wet, which is undesirable. Additionally, if sidewalks haven’t been cleared, snow can accumulate in your dog’s paws, potentially causing frostbite and discomfort. So, if your neighborhood hasn’t been cleared, don’t hesitate to cancel the walk. Cold temperatures can also affect your dog, so if you feel it’s too cold, please inform us. I want to make it clear that your primary concern should be the safety and well-being of your dog, not me. I have suitable cold-weather gear, so I can dress accordingly. However, your dog cannot layer up, so it’s crucial to prioritize their needs.

Heatstroke in dogs is a severe condition that can be life-threatening. Therefore, if the heat index reaches high levels, I will initiate the cancellation of the dog walk. We never walk if the temperature is in the 90s. If it’s in the 80s, we will use our best judgment. If you’re worried about the heat, consider factors such as shade availability in your area and the presence of asphalt (which retains heat). Again, when it comes to heat, your focus should be on your dog’s well-being, not mine. I know how to prepare and stay hydrated in hot weather, but your dog relies on us to make the right decisions.

If the weather necessitates the cancellation of our walk, and there are no cancellation fees, we have several options. We can reschedule the walk for a later date when the weather improves. Alternatively, we can provide a credit towards the following week’s dog walk. If you’re not home during the day and the walks mainly serve as an opportunity for your dog to relieve themselves while you’re at work, we can convert it into a Potty and Play Visit. During this visit, we will ensure your dog goes outside for potty breaks, and the rest of the visit will be spent indoors, engaging in interactive games or cuddling—whatever your dog prefers.

To summarize, never hesitate to cancel a dog walk due to inclement weather. There will be no cancellation fees, and we can always find alternative solutions, whether through rescheduling or adjusting the visit. Your pet’s health is important to both you and me, and I would never put you in a position where you have to choose between your dog’s well-being and financial considerations.