We all know cats are fiercely independent and require less care than dogs. Cats are litter box trained, so they don’t have to go outside. But that doesn’t mean they can be left alone for long periods of time.

Cats on the surface may seem like they are solitary creatures, but in fact, they can experience loneliness and depression and can experience separation anxiety as dogs do. That is why it’s important to have your cat checked on every day if you are away on vacation. They will need mental stimulation and can feel loneliness if left alone for too long. They want social interaction and need it to stay healthy.

Leaving your cat alone for extended periods of time may increase the chance of them getting hurt, developing an illness, or getting into something while they are bored. If they get into something toxic, and they aren’t checked in on for a few days, it could be dangerous and you may miss the opportunity to get to the vet in time. A daily check-in will make sure they didn’t get hurt and will help prevent fear, anxiety, and stress.

For these reasons, we recommend that cats be checked in on every day while you are away. We offer a Vacation care service, where we can come into your home and feed your cat. We will also change their water, clean their litter box, and give them playtime. Your cat will not feel alone and it will avoid the depression and separation anxiety of being left alone.